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With our two locations Oosterpark and Vondelpark, we have daily classes. For early risers, evening survivors and weekend tigers.

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Our top notch instructors can learn anyone to train with a kettlebell. We have kettlebells is all sorts of weights, so we’ve got you covered!

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If you’re just a day in town or want to try out something new, you can buy a single class. Got it swinging? Go for a 10-rides pass or membership. Scroll down for pricing information.

Our story

Being nature kids, we love to train outdoors: #Rain or shine. Combining all benefits of fresh air, sunlight and exercise. People spend most of their modern day lives indoors, not taking in any of natures major health benefits. So we wondered: Why would you go to a gym if you can have a highly effective kettlebell training outdoors?!

And before we knew it, Kettlebell Outdoor Amsterdam was born in 2013. The kettlebell, aka worlds only mobile gym, is a great piece of equipment which makes it possible to train strength and cardio wherever you want.


Rüben Spapens & Tom van Iersel


Master degree in Human Movement Science

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